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Friday, June 23, 2006

31 Ways to maKe a GirL smile =)

31 Ways To Make A Girl Smile

> 1. Tell her she is beautiful>>

2. Hold her hand at any moment . . .> even if its just> for a second.>>

3. Hug her from behind>

> 4. Leave her voice messages to wake up> to.>

> 5. Wrestle with her :)>

> 6. don't go hang out with your ex when> shes not> with you, you might not relize how badly> it hurts> her.>>

7. If youre talking to another girl, when> you're> done talking, walk over and hug her and> kiss> her....let her know she's yours and they> aren't.>>

8. Write her notes or call her just to> say "hi">>

9. Introduce her to your friends . . . as your> girlfriend.>>

10. Play with her hair.>>

11. Pick her up (she loves it)>>

12. Get upset if another guy touches her> and she> doesn't like it>>

13. Make her laugh>>

14. Let her fall asleep in your arms.>>

15. If she's mad at you, kiss her.>>

16. If you care about her, then TELL HER>>

17. Every guy should give their girl 3> things: a> stuffed animal (she'll hug it every time> she goes to> sleep), jewelry (she'll treasure it forever),> and one of> his t-shirts (she'll most likely wear it to> bed) or> sweatshirts sprayed with his cologne!! and> flowers> or something occasionally.>>

18. Treat her the same around your> friends as you> do when you're alone.>>

19. Look her in the eyes and smile.>>

20. Hang out with her on weekends>>

21.Kiss her in the rain (girls love this)>>

22.Kiss her just for the heck of it>>

23. If youre listening to music, let her> listen too.>>

24. Remember her birthday and get her> something,> even ifnits simple and inexpensive, it> came from> YOU. it means all the world to HER.>>

25. when she gives you a present on your> birthday,> Christmas, or just whenever, take it and> tell her you love it, even if you don't (it'll> make her> happy.)>>

26. Always call her when you say you> will, it may> not seem like it, but it does hurt her and> makes> her think you don't care so call even if> you can> only talk for a minute.> Girls don't necessarily have to have hour> long> conversations every night but its nice for> us to hear> your voice even for a quick hello.>>

27. Give her wat she wants>>

28. Recognize the small things . . . they> usually> mean the most.>>

29.dont hug her friends or your friends> that are> girls cause she'll feel left out.>>

30.hang out with her whenever you are> free and u> should be free to hang wit your girl friend> all the> time>>

31.If u care about her...SHOW her!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Who am I ?

Joseph moises san pablo yap delarosa diaz yan fullname q =) pro Joseph moises Diaz ang gmit q sa school pra di sayang sa ink hihi! =P mga kaibigan q tawag sakin Joseph or Jomo.. minsan Diaz.. hehe.. dami nag tatanong bakit ba Jomo? gani2 yun.. JOseph MOises yan kita mo na ?! =D haha! nakatira aq sa Tondo Manila batang TOndo haha! matatapang Rawr haha! =P nag aaral aq sa CKSC mula pa kinder hangang ngayun.. mahilig aq sa BBOL hehe.. swap e'.. =P
15 yrs old na me ngayuun.. 3-9-06 bday q.. Only child lg aq haha! bweh! masaya namn kasi la kaagaw sa PC haha! pro malungkot din paminsan wala kasi ako kalaro hehe! pangarap q "SANA"maging basketball player.. (libre naman mangarap noh) haha! =) .. gusto q rin tumangakad pa aq.. prng di na ako tumangakad 5'4 parin hay naku =( haha! fave ko sa NBA? MIAMI HeaT solid haha! sa PBA naman..San Miguel Beermen.. Sabi nila yabang daw aq pro hndi nmn haha! masayahin aq mababaw ang kaligayahan haha! minsan tampuhin haha! hangang dito naLang tnx po! ^_^ Nice meeting you ..